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I released this thing last week hoping a couple of people would say "awesome job" and make me feel good about what I'd built but instead I just got a ton of people shaming me on Twitter for being such a horrible person for only shipping a light UI.


  • Added dark mode support
  • Improved input field responsiveness when writing a commit message in a project with a large number of changed files
  • Made keyboard shortcut for opening the Commit window customizable
  • Deleted my Twitter account

Synchronize to YouTube

Commit is a command palette-style Git client you can pull up from anywhere with a keyboard shortcut that makes it really easy to commit your work. It uses the "last modified" timestamp of the files in all of your projects to automatically know which project you're in the middle of working on, so any time you pull up the UI it's already got the right project selected — you just have to type your commit message, hit Cmd + Enter and your changes are captured.

I'd be lying if I really thought this was that useful but I was looking for an excuse to learn macOS development and here we are. It's open source at least so maybe you can find something interesting in the code even if the app itself is a total waste of hard drive space.