The podcast platform that gives you full control of your data.

Designed for technical folks who want full control and ownership of their content and metadata. We give you the glue to generate any podcast feed you want.

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Own your content

Lil API takes a different approach to content - you plug in your own storage (S3, Dropbox,, etc) to avoid platform lock-in and hefty storage/bandwidth markups. We provide the technical glue to serve your podcast up, you maintain full control.

Bring your own data, we do the rest

  • You upload your podcast MP3/MP4/thumbnail to your storage.
  • You write your shownotes in markdown in your GitHub repo.
  • We generate the podcast feed pointing to your files.
  • We provide a little API for you to build your website.
  • We validate everything is published right.

Markdown to podcast XML

Write your show notes in Markdown and commit them to your GitHub repo, and let us worry about generating well-formatted podcast XML.

Keep YouTube in sync

Content on multiple platforms can easily lead to things getting out of sync. We will validate all sources including YouTube to help you keep everything aligned.